MDDV JEWELS on Cover ♥

Gracing the cover of Austrian Magazine WienLive Topmodel Kathrin Werderitsch is rocking MDDV JEWELS to the top. In the 12 pages long spread the new Collection 2011 comes to shine. Classic like the Serotonin and Dopamin Rings juicily presented in multiple layering as well as new finger-playlust àla Royal Bling Bling or Little Merry Therry featuring empress Maria Theresia's antique coins open the aesthetic sense, giving it a new perspective. Styled with eclectic neon, seductive black, exravagant forms and sexy proportions MDDV JEWELS sparkle round and round in perfect balance for the overall luxurious jewelllerized look du jour. Amazing photography by Rafaela Pröll produced by Rina Cherabon. Chapeau - we love! 

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Really, fantastic photography! Thanks for such a beautiful post.
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