Thoughts about Fashion Week- Now in English

This is a piece about fashion. Shallowness. Berlin. Thoughts and ideas. Put together randomly like so much in life but especially during Fashion Week. No one sleeps or eats. You just talk about it all the time. One runs around hysterically trying to be part of it - part of what exactly?  One sees the so called celebrities, is amused, laughs, drinks, dances, hops from one party to another. Inbetween conversations about unimportant and trivial things. Has anyone ever heard about profundity? Who needs that? Aren’t we all super-fashion? Working for free is daily business. One has to start someday and everybody knows that.

Everyone is important, is seated and watches models who should be fed well with a burger. (oh, what a cliché). It’s all about seeing and being seen. The fashion seems to be a sideeffect. Who actually relates to fashion? The ones sitting in the first row and being really important by putting their heads together?

One likes collections created by friends. Have you ever heart about exploitation, sweat work, minimum wages, unfair working condictions, child labor or chemicals? No thoughts on the size zero debate, wrong role models, mainstream and commodity. The moment has to be magical. The lights go out. The music starts. Let the show begin.

The scene is here. But who is the scene? All of those plastic fantastic and wrinkle free women and men who wrap themselves in the most expensive brands thinking that they know fashion due to the fact that they can afford it? The super chic and busy lifestyle journalists who what to sell their clients the mainstream? Tell me, do you know them?
A nose full of white powder is a courteous to do. To be in the scene you have to take it. Do you actually want that? Do you need it? What about drinking? Starting off in the morning with prosecco followed by one drink after another until late at night. How lovely. Aren’t we all happy? Aren't we feeling wonderful? Ahh, how marvelous.

Sleeping is overrated. No one sleeps during Fashion Week. There’s coffee and other synthetical pick-me-ups.

“Oh, I am sitting at the Fashion Week right now! I’m cool right? I’m hip? What am I actually doing here?”

x, a.

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Mr.StrictlyIntimate hat gesagt…

'A nose full of white powder is a courteous to do. To be in the scene you have to take it. Do you actually want that?'

So true, sharp and sassy. It is quite delightful that out there are people like you that are not intoxicated by shallowness. You have profound thoughts and above all you have your own opinion! Keep it. It is wonderful!


Bexs hat gesagt…

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im following (:
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