the vienna fashion observatory...

the vienna fashion observatory/tvfo is a photographic exhibition kicking off on friday 17th july at 19h at the museumsquartier/freiraum (this is your invite) as well as online as tvfo-blog at:

international and austrian fashion bloggers, photographers, artists and designers are touring around Vienna capturing the vienna people and thier styles on the streets.
the likes of caroline blomst & daniel troyse of stockholm streetstyle, yvan rodic the facehunter, mary scherpe of stilinberlin, eszther of stylorectic as well as *FLORA'S BOX are participating with many more. to see the full list and find your way into the observatory click here.
thanks to liquid frontiers the exhibition will be on at the mq from 18th july till 21st september with constant updates via the blog as well as a growing display of the takes in the observatory at the museumsquartier. stay tuned for *FLORA'S BOX choices of styles to pop up during this time.

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