vienna impressions: fashion blogger day & i die bananna's...

saturday was showdown in vienna. for the 9 festival's fashion blogger symposium the blogosphere got together at the haus wittgenstein in vienna and discussed digital media and the big passion that bloggers are driven by following up the daily postings. blogettes from abroad with the likes of lesmads' with jessie and julia, stilinberlin's mary scherpe, stylebubble's susanna lau, glamcanyon's katja hentschel, modabot's panos destanis, business of fashion's imran ahmed, a shaded view on fashion's diane pernet, kathrynsky and anna frost as well as nationals like youcanfindinspirationineverything's gerlinde, blica's anne, and many more attended not only the vibrant discussion round but also the rocking party 'i die bananna's' hosted by stylekingdom's maria ratzinger and stylish kids in riot's stefan urschler at the krieau later on. amazing bubbilicious impressions by katja hentschel sweetened the evening that beforehand kicked off with a fashionshow at the guerilla store opening followed by our yummy italian dinnering session. was truely a blast having all of you over in vienna for such a spectacular weekend. see you soonest and blog'on!

#1 bubbilicious photo session: susie bubble. *FLORA'S BOX editor marie-thérèse. jessie. julia. mary. kathrynsky.
#2 nighty bar light footwear check: marie-thérèse. susie bubble. mary scherpe. julia knolle.
#3 julia. mary. susie. marie-thérèse.
#4+5 susie & jessie on their walk to naschamrkt and playing dress up with their vienna vintage finds.

the fashion blogger symposium full length
photos: mary scherpe, katja hentschel,,,

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