berlin rocked - the runways...

since i was quite hot on 39°C fever and at home my view on the runways of berlin fashionweek came to light when reading through my favourite bloggettes: pudri's mary scherpe and lesmads jessie & julia. thanksy for the wonderful reports and impressions. you made me feel like i was there too. find the ultimate berlin fashionweek flashback by lesmads here. next stop berlin fashionweek in july when the bread and butter fashion fair will open it's doors again in the city of the golden bear. roarrrr! let's hope for the best - a healthy best on my behalf... <3

on the images: 1st - backstage at felder felder. 2nd - c.neeon's walk off. 3rd - iekeline stange's 'i like ponies' exhibit. 4th & 5th - p&c's designer for tomorrow joel horowitz and julia knüpfer. 6th & 7th - kaviar gauches light approach to 'why dressing when accessoirizing?'.


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