tip, top, tup. penny-steps on the skycraper high beauties is tricky yet sometimes dangerous. tripping, kinking & co do easily occur. even orthopedic medical service mght apply here. to getting all shapey on the heel-o-meter tips & tricks by urban professional heel st/walkers may aid through the training process. the aim: nicely toned legs on the walk off in sexy stilettos. strouting down 5th avenue will be easy & an eye-sight high on heels. 

n°1 train you step

n°2 'sofie's mode' in high heel workout class on swedish tv

photo: roberto cavalli python peep toe pumps @ net-a-porter.com

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Kira Aderne hat gesagt…

that shoe and posh here in really luxury!

a kiss and a hug, you are in my links of the day!

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Pret a Porter P hat gesagt…

cute 2nd video