intriguingly shaped...

of darts, folds, pleats & all neatly sculptured together. the air of ancient paris couture was present at louis vuitton's fw 08/09 collection. starting on time this time creative director marc jacobs turned his concept of running late last september upside down with a 180° switch. the color palette a sorbet of icecool blue, pistaccio mixed with vanilla, strawberry & greys. the fall indispensable black & hint splashes of red added in patent leather & shiny taffeta on the right places. as louis vuitton's roots lie within the accessoires highest of the high platform wedges, slouchy suede bags & oversize bold necklaces, brooches & belts adorned the styles. the rocking mix of daft punk's major tunes was the candy topping of the show. vive paris - vive louis.

louis vuitton fw 08/09 runway documentary:


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Bobble Bee hat gesagt…

Really nice shapes and fabrics indeed. I find this collection very classic though, but i guess that's the Vuitton public after all.