i see you see me...

style icon aka actress aka chloë sevigny now designing muse to opening ceremony. the collection is flirty, fun & a mix of pieces chloë stores up her closet. truely vintage finds inspired. whimsical the printed leggings paired with checkered skirts, fluffy blouses and flower print dresses. as extravagant her style as is the lookbook. half, over & not blended the photographic outcome. some to see clearly, some to find hidden, some to imagine by the image. style-o-mantics by chloë for the ny fashion mekka oc.

chloë sevigny on her collaboration with opening ceremony

photos: openingceremony.us

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sara hat gesagt…

Ehhh, maybe it's just me but I have never really like Chloe. She's a beautiful girl wearing great clothes, but I've never liked her for some reason.

Bobble Bee hat gesagt…

i love this collection and i love Chloë.
i went to opening ceremony a couple of weeks ago and the quality of the items is really really good.