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innere stadt (I.) perfect selection, führichgasse

agata wajerczyk, 31/ 'boutiquarista' aka boutique owner perfect selection

10/07/09 - 18:00
caught my eye: robin hood boots

what are you wearing?
dress: isabel marant. boots: isabel marant. tshirt: isabel marant. cardigan: vanessa bruno. necklace: isabel marant. scarf: les petites. watch: cartier. naillaquer: uslu airlines. ring: a gift from sammy.

the last fashion item that you bought?
a champagne colored silk smoking jacket by vanessa bruno.

what did you pay?

your fashion secret?
breaking the styles: if sporty trousers then chique high heels, if dressed up elegantly then light make-up or if silkdress then add a leatherjacket. and more is more!

photo copyrights by marie-thérèse demblin de ville.

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S. hat gesagt…

I like the way she tied her scarf...