doctor's mojo...

since my cv is quite a colorful one it might be time to introduce you to some of my other professions. i am unbelievably but so in my last year of medical studies. having gained insight in this very fundamental field i am besides fashion and it's sourrounding beauty also interested in some fun aside. 
for that i was more than pleased to find out that doctors can indeed switch from being a doctor at the clinc to being an entertainer by heart like dr. eckhart von hirschhausen did. the former magna cum laude grad in medicine was working as neurologist for several years before giving his career an unusal twist into tv-hosting, speech-trainering and most of all amusing the crowds as cabaret artist.  in his current program 'lucky charm or mojo' (german title: 'glücksbringer') hirschausen manages to combine the two human and medical humor. if you are around germany, switzerland or austria try to get into one of his quickly sold out shows. click here for more info on that. my live-premier will follow on 8th april - next wednesday. i'm super excited and ready to be examined (to use the words of dr.hirschhausen).

photos: frank eidel.

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