stella mccartney fw 09/10...

designer stella mccartney did it once again. hitting all the sweet spots for her fw 09/10 collection. feminine silhouettes, fluffy materials, crave-for leggings-boots, boyfriend blazers, bubble shaped sleeves, fine-belted woolen coats, dashes of strong blues & grass greens, soft touches of lace insets, blacks & whites to go with all the above. all in all a coherent collection with all the goodies to please the true stella girl. we likey!

stella mccartney's fw 09/10 runway
part 1

part 2


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Mirthe hat gesagt…

this is really amazing

Anonym hat gesagt…

stella mccartney knows how to d it, i love the leather boots and the blazers and especially the lace detail on the dresses