friday cravings...

black, oh black beauty you are mine. with the color of colors on call with the perfect winter coat and a sparkling unique jewel you're off to shining every day. for the jewellicious appearance today's cravings include: acne jeans black button-down tunic dress with draped frills. lyell brown tweed wrap coat with self belt. mddv silver-gilt brass necklace 'piano silver' with a large armor-chain and precious stone pendant. vanessa bruno black multi-compartment front flap leather bag with belt buckle style closure. golden goose black knee high boots with buckle over front and short chunky heel.

my jewellery collection mddv has arrived!
get yourself jewellerized at 

joyful moments for you!
i'm off for rocking it big time in the snow ♥
see you monday!

your *FLORA'S BOX editor



jessica hat gesagt…

i love that necklace !!
congratulations :]


Riley hat gesagt…

I'm in love with the bag and the boots.

Fave fun in the snow :D :)

LJ hat gesagt…

Oh those boots! I've been hunting high and low for a pair like that!

shopinchic hat gesagt…

The bag, the boots, and the coat are all timeless classics! Love it!

Great blog:)

Noemi Sunshine Ferst hat gesagt…

Love the necklace.
Beatiful jewellery, really the two allegro necklaces.


Amber : CFS hat gesagt…

The necklace is beautiful, I have been searching for ages for one just like that

BEACH 11:29 hat gesagt…

i absolutely love ur blog- i found it thru google an was looking thru all the older months post-one of my linking you!


Vintage Tea hat gesagt…

Aw it is all amazing. Loved the jewellery too

Please visit me at


La Mode is Rad! hat gesagt…

Love the boots!