friday cravings...


basic black slacks gone statementy: with a little bit of lace here, a little bit of snugg-cutting edge there and outstanding accessoires dangling round the leg and arm. for this vamped up look you'll easily find within your closet as well today's cravings include: vanessa bruno athé black double sleeved long sleeve cotton tee with lace inserts and crinkle chiffon short sleeves. acne jeans black hex cash jeans with normal waist, narrow leg and a really tight fit. emanuel ungaro gray multi-strap sandals with branch heel and platform. 3.1. phillip lim vibrant blue marine oversized carry-all with exposed zip pockets, belt style closure and matte bronze hardwear.


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discothequechic hat gesagt…

oh, gosh, this outfit..

it's so perfectly nineties; the simplicity of the silhouette.

well styled!