mc'n jeans...

mc=motorcycle jacket and jeans combo. coolishly captured by photographer blossom berkofsky for preen magazine.

will be gone to shanghai till sunday. taking the night train ride from beijing to shanghai is said to be niceo. feedback and update on that will flow up soon. till then stay tuned and rock your summer time!

sunnylicious greets from blue skyed beijing :)


Luna hat gesagt…

have a good time!

Kris hat gesagt…

Have fun :D
That jacket is hot

discothequechic hat gesagt…

i just spent was too long flicking through your old posts!

and i lovve your blog.

i'm linking you if you fancy trading.

have fun on your trip!

JUNI.JULI hat gesagt…

Ich liebe deinen Blog.

Ich habe dich bei mir schon verlint
es wäre total nett, wenn du mich auch hier bei dir velinken würdest.

alles liebe


natalia grozina hat gesagt…

if only i had around 2 grand to buy myself a D&G leather life would be complete.