aquatic cubicle...

beijing's most famous place of pools: the national swimming stadion aka the aquatic cube. inspired by olympia and it's competitions within this institution of architectural greatness aquatic colors and resembling neoprenic swimming materials are to be seen in stores now. lela rose petrol silk and wool blend dress with origami pleat on front. halston teal wool maxi tank dress with a large padded self-tie drawstring waist. miu miu forest green silk colour block dress with a double zip through the front.



-h of candid cool hat gesagt…

the halston...beautiful

SICK. hat gesagt…

ohh, the halston one is stunning and so easy.
& i think that the water cube should be converted into an ice rink, just so that they can rename it 'the ice cube'.
hahaha i think it would be so amusing.


miss fashion hat gesagt…

i love the halsten dress. so flowy and pretty.

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