look into my eyes...

this week's gonna be eyes opening. so i'm calling out the style battle: geeky glasses look vs contact's clear cleaniness.  first i want to introduce the little, transparent, almost invisible helper: the contact lense. sitting right on the eye. covering just the part that needs to be corrected. or if we're talking color correction only that part you want to put a new attention on. daily contacts in particular provide the three essentials when it comes to easy handling with tiny devices close to your eye ball: n°1* safety since they are unique usage only. n°2* practicability since no fuzzy cleaning set is required. n°3* most importantly the crystal clear vision you're craving for; even for astigmatism correction  toric  daily lenses exist. to hopping onto the train of crystal clear vision you can get you daily, weekly or monthly dose of transparent little helpers here. so who's up for the crystal clears? the geeky approach coming up soon for you frame-lovers out there!

photos: tfs, flickr.

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