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twenty century fox presentsto the world: twenty year old ellen page. being nominated for an oscar as leading actress for juno ellen should be all over the place - the red carpet place. but she isn't. keeping it low-key the canadian halifax raised prefers to hang out with her folks & family. though being on the page of w-magazine, miss page mostly enjoyed working with screenwriter diabolo cody on juno. sparkling comedy on a teenage-pregnancy of it's own kind & how to dealing with it can open new doors into the future. fun seems to be what ellen page is about within her career. together with fellow actor michael cera they recorded parts of the movie's soundtrack. she's one fresh page to watch out for - for sure. 

"anyone else but you" by ellen page & michael cera:

juno official movie trailer:

photo: eric ogden for wmagazine

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it must be a good movie!

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